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Brian at NCORTC Annual Conference

Brian D. Lowery, MPA, LSW is the Educational Coordinator and primary presenter for most of the training programs. He has been a child welfare trainer for the past 30 years and is the recipient of the “Rising Star Award”  from the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program (OCWTP) and the "Trainer of the Year Award"  from the Northeast Region of the OCWTP.  He recently received the prestigious Linda Pope award for excellence in training in Ohio. Brian has served as the Director of In-Service Training for the largest private child caring agency in Ohio and the Director of Child Care at a Northeast Ohio residential treatment center. He is a Qualified Professional Administrator with the Ohio Department of Mental Health and a State Licensed Social Worker. Brian currently serves as a consultant with contract agencies of the  Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board  and the  Developmental Disabilities Board of Cuyahoga County.  He  is a sought after consultant and trainer with child welfare organizations throughout the Midwest.


Kathleen M. Lowery, the Program Coordinator of  Lowery Training Associates, has served as a child welfare professional for the past 24 years. She has specialized in program development, supervision and administration for foster care and adoptive programs.  Kathleen trains in the areas of Educational Advocacy, Independent Living, Stress Management and Spiritiual Healing.She serves as a Producer/Organizer for Virtual Trainings for Facilitators throughout the State.


Both Brian & Kathy Lowery are approved Ohio Child Welfare Training Program Trainers. All  contracted guest trainers of  Lowery Training Associates are seasoned professionals meeting equally rigorous credentialing standards.


Accepting "Rising Star" Award


Brian sharing Linda Pope Award with Janie

Linda Pope Award - Ohio Trainer of the Year - 2016

Brian & Kathy

Kathy being recognized at 2018 OCWTP Trainer Conference

Heartfelt Sharing

Graduating Caregiver Pre-Service Class, 2020